“A Book that begs you to revisit the special place within that modern day society has wrongly taught you to forget”.





the banyan tree

THE BANYAN TREE follows a young man’s journey to the deepest parts of himself, led by a symbol from his dreams and an elegantly inscribed ring. A mystic’s insights propel him into a journey which few are fortunate enough to take; but he must remain sensitive to the signs. He unexpectedly finds himself taking a moonlit journey to a secret island to meet an old man who has not spoken in many years. This enigmatic old sage imparts knowledge so profound that Kamajaya’s previous understanding of life and how to live it begins to feel dull and lifeless by comparison. Kamajaya is repeatedly challenged by the wise man’s lessons until he finally surrenders all that he has come to know as the truth. The reappearance of a beautiful girl with a strange tattoo delivers a collection of words that will unite his inner and outer worlds forever.

“A truly amazing story, that had me captured from the outset.” 
Katy Sunnassee TOP SANTE Magasine UK


“A narrative that really grips you. I felt totally drawn into Kamajaya’s inner journey.”
Derek Mills author of THE 10 SECOND PHILOSOPHY ®











about me...

After leaving behind a successful property development business in the south of France, I decided to travel extensively throughout Europe and Asia. The latter would prepare me for a writing career that I really didn’t see coming. I had always been fascinated with the peace that seemed to emanate from the East; and I wanted a little slice of it for myself. I discovered the simple art of sitting still, something we rarely do in the West. It was this very simple exercise that would make my former life totally unrecognisable and quite ridiculous in reflection. Meditation and many of the ancient secrets that I discovered in the strangest of places seemed to open a door to a richer life; one with purpose and balance. As an author and NLP practitioner with a keen interest in modern day psychology, I now teach how to access this bliss in an accessible way to anyone who wants lasting change in their lives.

Excerpts from the book…

“So you see, Kamajaya, maybe you need to take the time to sit and get to know your troubles instead of carrying them on your back everywhere you walk. For he is heavy, this Mister Suffering. Before long, you will tire from all your foolish walking. That is when he will pounce and consume you. Once this comes to pass, he will invite his friend called the Past. This friend of Suffering, Kamajaya, will take great pleasure in stealing all of your tomorrows from today.”

Excerpts from the book…

“People like to flock together to feel safe, but your truth won’t be found among the masses. The truth is found way up the mountain, but you will need to be strong in mind and spirit to go there. Many of the good people know the mountain exists, but still they prefer to admire all that might be possible from afar, in the comfort of the crowd and close to home. Remember, Kamajaya, that safety in numbers is the most comfortable of prisons. The possibility of living your dreams becomes lessened the longer you hold on to the hands of those who may appear to offer safety but are, in fact, holding you back, albeit unwittingly and good naturedly.”

Coffee with the Author

What made you decide to become a writer?

“To be honest, I do not think becoming a writer was a conscious decision. I remember being in Thailand, sitting in a small café overlooking the Chao Phraya River with a pen and a small notebook. I had bought this little black book to store telephone numbers and email addresses. Suddenly I started writing what would turn out to be the central theme of The Banyan Tree. So I guess writing had chosen me and not the other way round.”

What made you decide to write a book of this genre?

“I really believe that The Banyan Tree as a book unfolded naturally as opposed to being forced or set into a pre-determined genre. From a very young age I had always enjoyed the subtitles of life and found meaning in the smallest of things, that often go unnoticed. I believe we are all intrinsically the same; something I came to fully understand throughout my extensive travels around the world. The one thing I noticed was a huge disconnect between those who really understood themselves and those who didn’t. A lot of the people I had met were still looking for something outside of themselves, whether it be a person, a place or thing to make them happy; just as I had once done, most of my life. So I guess I wanted to share my journey of a personal truth, which just so happens to fall into this genre of literature.”

What do you want to achieve?

“Whoever reads this book and finds just a few words that resonate; then I guess I have achieved something amazing.”

What accomplishments in your life are you most proud of?

“There are many things that I have achieved on an outer level that have given me a sense of pride; although I have come to learn that they were fleeting and belong to the past. The one thing that I am constantly proud of in “this moment” is the investment I made into truly getting to know myself, which does not require validation from an outside source.”

What kind of reader do you think this book will appeal to?

“I think The Banyan Tree is a very unbiased story. Anyone and everyone could potentially read this story and connect with Kamajaya; the leading character. The book is about healthy self-love and connection; the very things we all deserve.”

If you could say anything to your readers, what would it be?

“I think the greatest gift we can give to ourselves is a new personal map of life; neither one that has been handed down through the generations nor one that has been dictated by society and the media. There is a special place deep within that begs you to “come say hello”…It’s your birthright to lead a happy balanced life; free from drama and insecurity. Invest in yourself, the payoff is enormous.”

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From 25-29 October, the world’s leading authors, artists, thinkers and performers will converge on the 14th Ubud Writers & Readers Festival to share ideas and stories under the banner of this year’s theme, ‘Origins’.

The theme – drawn from the Hindu philosophy ‘Sangkan Paraning Dumadi’ – speaks of our eternal connection to where we have come from, and to where we will ultimately return.