After spending 10 amazing days on my little paradise island I have finally returned back to work. On the evening of my arrival I was lucky enough to catch Jackie AnakAgung Gede playing at Folk N Nomas Bar. He opened the night with one of my fave tunes and sang it with passion; after I handed his guitar back to him…I think the guitar was pleased.

Today I sit in my normal spot, upstairs at Mingle on Dewi Sita Street, Ubud. I love this little hangout; and the long black coffee the friendly staff serve me as I enter the building. Today I am accompanied by my publicist who delivers my extensive ‘things to do’ list…I really thought she would ease me back into the daily life of launching a book; but no, not her, and the spreadsheet she hands me gives further proof.

Suddenly Anik arrives from the stone stair passageway to carry out the daily offerings, presented to the small wall-hung temple just in front of where I am sitting. This little ceremony can be seen all over Bali and is known as Canang Sari. In Balinese, the word Canang means essence and sari is the word used to label the small palm leaf basket used to hold the offerings.The #philosophy behind this simple ceremony is one of respect and self-sacrifice in honour of the gods; as the offerings and prayer take time to prepare and execute.

Later in the day I have an appointment with a journalist who is interested in the message that The Banyan Tree seems to convey. He has put me in touch with a printer in #Jakarta who specialises in high quality embossed hard cover books. This limited edition copy will be displayed and sold in hand-picked selected outlets in and around #Ubud and #Seminyak.

This whole process of bringing the book into the public domain still fascinates and excites me.

Feeling motivated…


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