“Everything can be heard in the garden of a quiet mind.”





the banyan tree

THE BANYAN TREE follows a young man’s journey to the deepest parts of himself, led by a symbol from his dreams and an elegantly inscribed ring. A mystic’s insights propel him into a journey which few are fortunate enough to take; but he must remain sensitive to the signs. He unexpectedly finds himself taking a moonlit journey to a secret island to meet an old man who has not spoken in many years. This enigmatic old sage imparts knowledge so profound that Kamajaya’s previous understanding of life and how to live it begins to feel dull and lifeless by comparison. Kamajaya is repeatedly challenged by the wise man’s lessons until he finally surrenders all that he has come to know as the truth. The reappearance of a beautiful girl with a strange tattoo delivers a collection of words that will unite his inner and outer worlds forever.

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A sample chapter chosen and read by the author will be uploaded soon.
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